Welcome to MCCRC Seoul 2019

It has been a decade since we started the Multiprofessional Critical Care Review Course (MCCRC) Seoul.

In 2008, a comprehensive refresher and review program in critical care medicine was required in Korea as we initiated the subspeciality license in the field. However, it was not easy to create a new training program that could provide comprehensive review and key strategies of clinical practices in a short period of time. Therefore, we chose to adopt the MCCRC program.

As you know, the MCCRC, developed by the Society of Critical Care Medicine in the U.S., provides information on the diagnosis, monitoring and management of critically ill patients by organizing multidisciplinary medical specialties into categories suitable for critical care. Over the last decade, KSCCM has used this training program to steer physicians from diverse disciplines in Korea and Asian countries toward high quality critical care services. The MCCRC Seoul has been continuously revised and updated based on the feedback from the attendees. We have incorporated practical multidisciplinary knowledge and therapeutic techniques into the program as part of the effort to keep up with the latest clinical advances and eventually to make the program more useful in real critical care settings.

This year, this program will be held for 3 days with lecturers from the SCCM and the KSCCM. All lectures will be given in English and a simultaneous interpretation will be provided for Korean attendees. The upcoming event would be another wonderful opportunity to learn standard requirements and the latest developments in critical care and to mingle with your peers from different countries.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2019 MCCRC Seoul.
Thank you.

Sung-Jin Hong, MD, PhD
President of the Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine